Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are You Still Here?

Ex-Vice President Dick Cheney is perhaps the perfect ideological drone.

Like his mechanized Republican colleagues in the Congress who shout “Tax cut!” as the solution to any and all economic woes, in the following interview with Politico Cheney once again shows himself to be the living embodiment of Col. Nathan R. Jessup who believes that no one—save him—has any idea how to defend a nation.

I particularly like Cheney’s fearful comment on how the U.S. is still under threat from Al Qaeda-inspired terror cells using nuclear and/or biological agents in major American cities.

Gee, Captain Obvious – y’think?

Thanks for that. There’s no way that I--nor anyone else in the administration that replaced yours--could have drawn that same conclusion without your top secret input. Maybe we should shred the constitution--which I know is Dick's lifelong dream--then void the recent election, and name you, President Heywood, and your old neo-con brain trust America's "Presidents for Life" to keep us all safe at night.

Or better yet, just bugger off.

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