Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Out Of Order

Forgive the radio silence here during the past week.

All is relatively well.

I’ve just been struggling with the phone company since June 11 regarding my DSL line having been temporarily switched off for maintenance. “Temporarily” being the operative word there, or so I hoped until today when I finally got back online seven days later.

Anyhow, I’m still in the midst of job hunting with little success beyond a handful of fruitless leads. Otherwise, I’ve been killing extra time while trying to spend as little cash as possible, and following the Cubs’ recent success during the first half of the season.

I hate to jinx anything, but damn, do the baby bears look good.

They are doing most everything right on both sides of the diamond, and—at 20 games over the 500 mark as of today--are consistently playing smart, mature baseball. Truly, if the Cubs have shown any weakness, it’s away from Wrigley Field – albeit, as of now, only two teams in baseball have winning road records. So I’m not overly concerned yet.

From here on out, the team must simply take matters one game at a time (a cliché, but an apt one) and tackle each opponent with equal intensity. If the Cubs continue to do this, stacking up 100 regular season wins may not be out of the question; as of June 16, they’re almost halfway there.

However, I won’t even slightly entertain talk of a World Series at this time; it’s way too early to do so. If the Cubs are still this hot in late August, okay, then I’ll get excited. But not until that time.

Save it for the field, boys!

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