Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calling Down The Fates

Although I have been out of work rarely during the past five years--and when I was unemployed, it was for very a brief time—I have a troubled feeling about this latest period of turbulence.

To bring you all up to speed, until recently I had been working on what I hoped was a long-term contract located an hour north of my home. That is, until my project timeline was suddenly postponed until later this year.

Thus, I was politely shown the door, and am now on the lookout for employment anew.

It’s not as if I haven’t been in tight spots before, and have always found a way to survive—often against ridiculous odds—but it’s never fun to have one’s life tossed up in the air.

And yes, I can kill time by watching “Incredible Hulk” reruns on Sci-Fi this week, but I hate having my life set adrift with no knowledge of what the future holds.

This is me beset by uncertainties.

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