Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Although he’s never been a major figure in the MU, it’s interesting to see my speedy double getting more publicity these days – as seen in the new statue below by Sideshow Toy due out later this year.

I’d better get on the waiting list post-haste.

Furthermore, I’m wondering if ‘ol Pietro has a shot at making the roster for the “Avengers” movie--provided Marvel Studios doesn’t befoul the project way they are the next “Iron Man” flick—and if so, who’d be a good cast decision?

Looks like someone's got an attitude problem...

PS: Last night, my golf pal Mark called up to suggest James Marsters as a possible cast for Quicksilver in an “Avengers” feature film. My response to the idea was mixed: JM is a terrific actor, but (at age 45) I fear may be too old to play Pietro. I also question if James would be up for bleaching his hair again after wearing it as Spike for so many years (as seen below).

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