Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Society Marches On

Wow, am I stupid.

To think I actually believed that American society had come a long way toward mending its racial wounds since 1964.

But then over on Pandagon I saw the following post about a t-shirt that’s been floating about Marietta, GA, and no doubt elsewhere.

What’s next? Bringing back that old chestnut of a law that dictates that blacks cannot vote, or be out on the streets after sundown?

Y'see, this is why I hate rednecks more than the bubonic plague.

PS (5-16-08): Read several public comments on various news blogs today related to the above story, with several posters defending the shirt design as no big deal, and one individual on CNN adding: “Great idea. I wish I’d thought of it.”…no doubt while collecting his white hood and robes at the local dry cleaners.

Meanwhile, the publisher of the “Curious George” book series is considering legal action (for copyright infringement) versus Mike Norman, the Marietta-based purveyor of the “Obama ‘08” shirt who is claiming he’ll donate all sales proceeds from it to charity.

Thanks, Albert Schweitzer. I’m sure MDA can use the extra cash.

On the way to the corner to mail your donation to Jerry’s kids, be sure to lynch a 14 year-old black kid for whistling at a white gal.

Them darkies is getting’ way too uppity these days.

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