Sunday, May 4, 2008

Oh, Ben...I Had Such Hopes For You

Found the following link (via Ed Brayton’s “Dispatches” blog) to a press release by the Anti-Defamation League protesting the tack taken by Ben Stein in the pro-ID documentary “Expelled” (which despite a huge investment in advertising is doing horribly at the box office).

In a nutshell, Stein and the producers of “Expelled” blame Darwinism for motivating the Nazi Holocaust, which is idiotic on its face when one ponders if Hitler would have believed for a moment that his ideal Aryan super-soldier had descended from apes.

To coin a phrase: not bloody likely.

Recently, Ben Stein also made the following statement in support of “Expelled” during an interview with the Trinity Broadcast System.

Although, fair warning: not only is it a scorcher, reading it may cause a few trillion of your brain cells to implode out of sheer incredulity.

Note: In all candor, I have not seen “Expelled” myself, but have watched the first several minutes of the film on its website. Needless to say, when Ben Stein ominously warns viewers that they may be risking their jobs or personal reputations by watching the film, I could not help but laugh aloud.

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