Friday, May 23, 2008

Pep Talk

I'll be participating in a local disc golf tournament tomorrow, my first in almost a year. I've gotten in a lot of practice since then, but need a little inspiration... just a few choice words to put me in the perfect frame of mind for competition.

Governor, can you help me out?

Yeah, that's the stuff...

PS: Well, so much for crushing enemies. I had fun at today's tourney, plus $2K in cash and food donations was raised for local veterans, but after 20 holes of play I ended up at 21 over...which is not great. What bugs me most of all is that I began my round well, but after falling down hard on three holes on the back nine with a twitchy short game, I was in a bottomless pit from which it was impossible to recover. Such is the curse of golf-related games; it is very unforgiving. Granted, this was a challenging course I'd only played once before, and may others struggled as well, but I had hoped to come away with better results. Oh, welly.

PPS: On top of all this, I think I'm becoming a vampire in my old age, as any prolonged sun exposure--and today's was mild--leaves me feeling drained and suffering from a headache. Also, instead of craving blood, I crave chocolate milk on a daily basis. Perhaps my vampirism is lactose-based.

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