Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's New?

Yesterday, on “Hardball” Chris Mathews foolishly bandied about the idea of Liz Cheney running for national office one day. And of course, anything is possible, but considering how toxic a political legacy her father, Old Man Potter, left behind I’d be hard pressed to see Ms. Cheney (whose politics are very close to her dad's) getting elected outside of the reddest of states.

And as for any office which would require centrist support, forget it. The Cheney clan ain’t into centrism of any kind.

As for the hub-bub over Sarah Palin’s new book, titled Going Rogue: An American Life, being bumped up to November, I’m certain that with many conservative book clubs buying copies en masse to puff up sales that it will be a big seller. However, even more entertaining, I’ll wager, will be Palin making the rounds on TV talk shows to pimp her book, and trying to form a coherent thought in the process.

But then again, Palin (and her ghost-writer, Lynn Vincent) could prove to be a brilliant wordsmith. Hell, take it from ex-Senator and whip-smart literary critic Rick Santorum:

“[Palin] has a gift for prose. Hopefully that comes across." - on Going Rogue.

Finally, check out the following rumor from the New York Post (which I advise taking with a large block of salt, despite it being funny) regarding an apparent coolness to Sarah Palin’s hitting the lecture circuit for the asking price of $100,000 per pop (which frankly, is chicken feed compared to what many speakers make for one hour’s work behind the podium).

Could Palin's low price be a confirmation that many groups outside of right-wing think tanks and conservative colleges just aren't interested in hearing anything she has to say? After all, following Palin's early exit from her governorship, her odds of returning to national politics as a serious candidate are very slim outside of her immediate base who adores everything Palin does.

Anyhow...that's just me thinking out loud.

Note: Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for all of the links above.

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